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glucosamine for dogsYou are already doing all you can to ensure your puppy is healthy and in a good shape. A proper diet, vet visits, and a proper diet are at the top of your list. However, you are still not sure whether you should start giving supplements to your puppy. Are supplements necessary for the good health of a puppy or are they harmful?

To begin with, nutritionists argue that the pet foods we have in the market contain already essential nutrients and therefore, meet all the dietary requirements your puppy needs. They see no need to give them additional supplements. A good tip for ensuring your puppy gets a healthy diet is formulating the pet food at home and adding multi-vitamins. However, consult your vet beforehand to see whether this is a viable option.

Supplements may cause harm to your puppies because they only come in the minimal recommended amounts. This is dangerous because we are not aware of the optimal level of a nutrient, and thus can end up giving a puppy more nutrients than required. Studies are still being conducted, reason why there is still very insufficient data available in the market.

Despite the fact that pet foods are formulated to meet all the dietary requirements, chances are your puppy eats the same thing every day. This can work for your puppy or not because as much as manufacturers leave out the need for supplements, brands are different. The nutrients in each brand vary and you may be giving pet food with minimal vitamins to your puppy.

Some pet companies use diagnostic testing before selling their food to pet owners. They test out their manufactured food with dogs to see how they respond to the nutrients in a given period of time.  However, very few companies actually go through this process to develop a balanced diet, and it will go on and sell untested products. These may cause harm to puppies in the long run.

It’s important to read labels and understand what exactly you feed your puppy. If you are not satisfied with the added nutrients, consult a vet and buy additional supplements. However, if your pet food seems to satisfy all the dietary requirements, there is no need for extra nutrients.

Nutritionists are quick to add that there can be one major exception to using supplements. Puppies naturally produce their own vitamin C under normal conditions. However, if stressed, they don’t produce enough doses which may warrant supplements to be administered.joint supplements for dogs

There are other supplements which vets may recommend from time to time. This includes fish oil, glucosamine, and anti-oxidants. Despite the fact that these supplements could have positive effects on a puppy, there is minimal proof that they actually work in enhancing the health a puppy’s health.

The good news is, supplements can still slow down effects caused by some subclinical problems in puppies. This will save you so much money in the long run, in terms of vet trips and bills.

Puppies, just like humans, are different. What works for your puppy, may not work for another one. This only means that although we want the best for our pets, we should not give them every supplement we find in the market. Always consult a vet before making any decisions that may affect the quality of your puppy’s life. Moreover, as you make your decision, keep in mind that supplements can be quite costly, and there is still no documented proof that they enhance a puppy’s health.…

Dogs HealthBeing a dog owner means taking care of your dog every way possible. It is like having one more family member. Regular visits to the veterinarian will help you get a clear picture of the potential health problems your dog may have.

If you have any doubts, asking a veterinarian will surely provide some helpful advice and guide you in the right direction. Regular vaccination is necessary in order to protect your dog from viruses and infections. Create a vaccination schedule and follow it through.

Choose the Right Food

Dogs cannot eat just any food. Choosing the one with plenty of nutrients appropriate for the age of your dog will surely have a positive impact not only on the health but also the way he looks. His hair will be shiner and he will be ready to play. You can conclude a lot by just looking at the way that he behaves.

If he starts avoiding meals and looks sad, he may not be taking enough nutrients from the food he consumes on regular basis. Try replacing it with some other or even including a supplement, of course only after consulting with a veterinarian.Dog supplements

Provide Plenty of Exercises

Spending lots of time in the apartment without the necessary amount of time outside will surely result in one unhappy and fat dog. He may start making a mess at home since there is so much energy that needs to be used somewhere. It is better to go every day for at least an hour or two to take a walk or to a playground than to risk all kinds of dog health problems and have broken things around the house.

Besides, regular exercising will increase your dog’s stamina and keep him fit. Spending some time with your dog outside can be beneficial in so many ways. Your dog will be much happier and healthier and the fresh air will contribute to the quality of his sleep.

It is always good to educate yourself concerning the breed of your dog. Not all dogs are the same and their needs vary. Some dogs health problems may be with bones, some with seizures, while others may be prone to having weight problems. Minor changes that you can implement according to the information you get may be extremely helpful to your dog so you can enjoy many good and healthy years together.…