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If you are a pet dog owner, it is necessary that you should be accountable to knowing how to look after your dog. You should know when to be at your dogs side and make him a loving companion and offer protection when the need arises.

Your dogs requirement are not too much a complication that you shouldn’t be able to take care of even when working as a Tucson Certified Public Accountant, puppies first home visits requires lots of love and attention although, they might be a little stressed during there first time at home but this should be because of the separation from there mother and their litter-mates


Its important to quickly start the process of socializing, and incorporating your new pet into your family and teaching him to relate with other animals through gentle interaction and having a good experience with other members of the family including other pets.

One thing to avoid during your pups first home visit is a sudden loud noise for example door slamming or kids screaming. Also you need to curtail the visitors your pets has but gradually permitting it to get used to more strange faces as the day goes by.

Make Sure Your Puppy is Sleeping Comfortably

you can make for your puppy in the absence of warm comfortable bed a cardboard box staked with several newspaper and covered with a washable blanket and make sure the box will still fit with your dog even as it grows

Make sure the position of your puppy bed will still be the same even when the dog is mature – typically the ideal place is a silent personal corner. For your pups first night – to settle in comfortably – make sure there are some fluffy toys and a warm water jar placed under your dogs bedding.

Sometimes your puppy could become very noisy at night following separation from litter mate your best bet to soothe him down is to place a tickling clock close by or turn your radio to a very low volume.

During the day when the puppy is awake make sure he gets lots of body contact and make sure you speak to your pup at a very gentle tone and you use your gruff voice when you want to disapprove of action

for the coming of a brand new puppy The following are items to consider.

Dispose dangerous household and garden chemicals. –

Make sure that electrical cords are far from reach of your puppy and be extra careful when using skateboards, lawnmowers or some other similar items – and also make sure that the swimming pool fences are made in such a way that it will not allow the puppy to pass through.

Make sure your puppy knows that you are the leader

and you should teach him some house rules; its when the puppy really knows its place in the house that it will be able to obey command.


The pup nutritional need needs not change from what its used to when you first got it so it will not cause digestive upset. You need to feed your pup the same diet it ate before you brought it home, however, you can introduce industrial pet food later on.

You also need to constantly provide fresh clean water with probably a stainless steel or a earthenware bowl to keep the water cooler and during summer you could add some ice into the water

Play Moments  With your Puppy.

The more you allow your puppy to play the more it grows and learn. When they are still with there litter mate the play is more like their daily exercise and also a way to compete to know their order in the pack. make sure you are not too rough with your puppy during play but also make sure that during this early stages your puppy learn how important your family is in the house

Puppies could be so annoying with chewing everything that comes there way, although chewing helps puppies through teething, it also is a moment for exploring their environment that is why it is important that you get your puppy toys and objects to keep it happy.

Potty Training

As a busy Tuscon CPA you need to always anticipate your puppy toilet requirement like taking your puppy outside when its warm up or when your puppy is about to eat or after meal. take the puppy to a particular area of the house where you want to use as its toilet and settle it there to complete the poo.

Exercising your puppy is also a big requirement for dog owners – just like adult dogs puppies also need to take some walk in the park and this should be done regularly and if regularly seems a bit difficult make sure you walk your puppy at least four times every week.

At times you might think your puppy don’t need some types of grooming, but you have to do them anyways. Your grooming box should have within it a dog brush and a comb and you need to set a daily routine where you check your pups mouth, teeth, abdomen, ears, eyes etc apart from daily grooming, another important task is to make sure you wash your dog so it wont get smelly or dirty.

Also note that you need to add some dog shampoo and use lukewarm water when bathing your puppy. and for drying, you need a unique dog towel to dry up the body. Your puppy’s nail should be of concern as you need to trim it regularly. you can talk to your vet or dog groomers about some of these grooming kits for dogs.

These tips when followed properly will ensure that you, your family and your newly added member of the family will have a happy time bonding together.…

Dogs Fopr Sale

Dog BreederWhen it comes to buying a bulldog puppy from a breeder, there are some signs that will tell you more about the way he is taking care of the puppies and the way he is doing business. A serious and professional dog breeder will make sure that the puppies are healthy, clean and vaccinated.

  1. Healthy Looking Puppies

When buying a puppy, take a good look how it looks. If its coat is shiny and the puppy looks well fed and happy, then you can be sure that they are taken care of.  Taking good care of the puppy’s health is a priority.

  1. Dog Lover

You can see when someone is having puppies just for sales and when they actually care for animals. True dog lover can be recognized almost instantly. When running this kind of business, this is an absolute necessity.

  1. Very High Cleanliness Level

Dogs can sometimes get very dirty. Professional dog breeder will make sure that the cleanliness is on the absolutely highest level. Cleaning their room couple of times a day is absolutely necessary.

  1. Proper Documentation

When buying a puppy, you will need proper documents that say more about its parents, breed, date of birth and vaccination. Not having these information means that there are some unclear things and that you may not be buying what you are being told to.

  1. Kind Person

Even though you may not think about this one, but this is also very important. Someone who is professional will want to make the exchange as pleasant as possible. People buy dogs because they are absolutely in love with these wonderful beings and it is something like a special occasion. A breeder who knows this will always be in business.

Healthy dog breedAlways ask your friends for a recommendation when it comes to finding a breeder. Good voice travels fast, it is always better to buy a dog from a trusted breeder than to take a risk and buy a puppy that may be having some health problems, particularly if you want him for your children.


Dog Massage


Is your bulldog close to a Burn Out?

Is your bulldog stressed out from all those daily activities?

If you’ve ever had a massage, then you know firsthand how great they can be. Your dog feels the same way – here are five reasons why you should be giving your dog a massage, if you aren’t already.


Reduce Stress

British bulldog massage is proven to reduce stress, and any dog can benefit from that. You might find it particularly helpful if your dog is easily worried or stressed; a nightly massage can help to relax him and establish a comforting routine.

Improve Circulation

The simple massaging of muscles improves blood circulation and this provide benefits to the entire body. Increased circulation helps with muscle recovery after exercise, and it can also help with conditions such as arthritis. The pressuring and the releasing of the muscles can elevate blood flow and it was found to heal and give benefits your dog’s entire body.


Strengthen Your Relationship 

British bulldog massage is a wonderful way to build and strengthen your relationship with your dog. Make it certain that you proceed softly at first, and as massage may somehow foreign to your dog. Chances are, once your dog realizes how good a massage feels, he’ll come to look forward to the treatment, and will associate you with being the one who provides it. Massage can be a big help in establishing the bond between the master and the dog, or it can build on an existing relationship with your pet.

Find Injuries or Problems

British Bulldog Massage  British bulldog massage has an added benefit in that it allows you to quickly pinpoint changes in your dog’s body. If the dog has this unusual swelling, or if the found that it has muscle problems, it will be recognized at once you’ve been doing the massage for him.

This can also help to keep you on the ball in terms of your dog’s weight and body condition. It’s not uncommon for a potentially cancerous lump to be detected early through a massage. You never know, pampering your dog might just save their life!


Relieve Pain

Finally, British bulldog massage can be an excellent pain reliever. After lots of exercise, your dog will find massage to be comforting and relaxing. If the dog is recovering injury, you can ask the vet on the proper way to do a massage In cases like this. Dogs with conditions like arthritis will also appreciate massage, since it can help to relax their muscles and release tense areas.

British bulldog massage is a wonderful technique to use on your bulldog. If you’re new to it, ask your vet to show you some techniques, or consider having a canine massage therapist work with you and your dog.

Not all people knew how exhausting it actually is to take care of an adorable little puppy. Your dog loves it when you pet him, rub his belly, and scratch behind his ears. But dogs, like humans, also love it when you give them massages. Though it may seem silly, it can actually give advantage to your pup. It feels good when you get a massage, right? Well, that feeling is the same for dogs.

A massage can relax her and give you another opportunity to connect and bond with your best friend. But those aren’t the only benefits. So the time you get home tonight, give him that massage and try to know how much he likes it. From there, you will get to know your puppy and get yourself oriented with him as well.


Raising Your BulldogA bulldog is an energetic, protective, confident, and loyal breeds of dogs worldly known for their strong will and, should belong to someone who is willing to work hard with them to establish a robust dominant role in the relationship.

Commonly known as English or British Bulldog, the bulldog is a medium-sized muscular breed of a dog with a distinctive pushed-in nose. They are known as the excellent family dog, and through decent socialization with people and other pets, they will remarkably be friendly with any person they come across.

However, they have to be appropriately raised to enjoy their services. Below are five useful ways you can use to grow your bulldog.

  1. Take care of your dog’s health

Like human beings, dogs are prone to health hazards that can immensely affect their performance and deteriorate their health. As a measure of ensuring that your dog is healthy, it is advisable that you vaccinate your dog against diseases such as rabies, hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus.

Puppies should receive a set of four injections every three weeks of age and then administer the same annually as adults based on a certified veterinary recommendations.

  1. Feed and groom your dog well

Feeding your dog with high quality food specifically meant for the bulldog breed will ensure that it maintains healthy bones and joints while growing. For puppies, always ensure that they remain on their diet until they are 18 months of age, where they are now considered adults and can gradually be introduced to adult food.

Find high-quality food that features meat as their first ingredient. This will provide your bulldog with the protein it needs and limit the amount of carbohydrates it consumes. The fiber content in your food should be four percent or less. Always provide your dog with sufficient amount of clean water and bathe it when necessary.

  1. Exercise your bulldog once or twice a day

Bulldogs are not known to be the lazy types of dogs that will lounge on the couch for a whole day without exercise. In this kind of situation, the dog may easily become overweight and lead to a variety of health complications such as diabetes and injuries to their hips and knees.

  1. Socialize your bulldog

Each dog species will develop their social skills at their own pace, so go as slow as need. Introduce it to cats, children and anything else you want your dog to be familiar and comfortable with as well. As your dog becomes more socialized and relaxed with new things, you will realize that it develops an overall good temper over such things.

Socialize your bulldog

  1. Train your bulldog

Bulldogs are generally intelligent, strong-willed and stubborn in nature hence the need to train them and trim their behavior and equip them with skills necessary for their presumed roles.  When trained well, bulldogs acquire the skills they need to judge a situation and decide when everything is fine or when they may need to act on their natural guarding instincts.

These are my recommendations for breeding Bulldogs and raising bulldog puppies.  Following these suggestions will help you grow as many healthy puppies as possible and make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for both your family and your bulldog.…


American Bul Dog ShapeBoth British and the American bulldog are very nice looking dogs with lots of positive characteristics. However, there are certain differences and if you plan to get a dog for yourself, make sure you go through all of them in order to make the right choice.

If you prefer being inside the house and just want a company and a protection then a British bulldog is a better choice. On the other hand, If you like to take long walks and spend more time outdoors, American bulldog would be a perfect fit.

The more you match the temperament of the dog, the better you will get along and there will be no frustration, just spending a nice time with your furry friend.

British Bulldog

British or English Bulldogs are considered to be a classic type. Its head is large, droopy and wrinkly. Their legs are short.

Their weight varies, but they are in most cases around fifty pounds. British Bulldogs are very brave and defend their master at any cost.  They are excellent guard dogs and seeing them any intruder would run. If you need this kind of protection then this is the breed for you. Their main physical characteristics are:

  • Their skin hangs of their neck
  • They are famous for their pushed in snout
  • The shoulders are broad
  • The neck is wide and short
  • Their coat can be fawn, red, white or the combination of these
  • They are sensitive to high temperatures.

American Bulldog

The American bulldog is a utility dog and there are two types: classic and standard, as well as the mix of the two. It is a very strong dog with a smooth and short hair, with a very masculine body.

They are famous for their drooling. Their weight goes from sixty to hundred and twenty pounds, but there are definitely dogs with greater weight than this. Even though they look dangerous, they are actually friendly and great for families.

They are very active and confident but tend to be emotional. American bulldog can be great with kids, especially when they spend their time with them from the very beginning. Investing time and efforts to train them gives great results so they can be easily controlled in every situation.

They can leap 6 feet high or even more than that. There are certain standards for the way the American bulldog looks like:

  • Eye color can vary, but black is preferred, especially if the dog is white
  • The nose can be grizzle, brown or red
  • The lips should not be too loose
  • The front legs are straight, strong and heavy boned
  • The tail is small, set low, it is thick close to the body and then gets narrowed
  • The coat can be white, tan, red, brown, piebald and fawn.

The reason American bulldog is so popular is their loyalty. They are very brave and reliable. Once they get attached to their master, they tend to be very protective.

British Bulldog

Main differences between British and American bulldogs

When it comes to the appearance, British bulldogs are generally shorter and are known for their wrinkly faces. On the other hand, American bulldogs can be easily spotted and recognized because they are taller, have longer legs and are very active.

If you need a working dog, then American bulldog is the right choice, while British bulldogs are known as lapdogs. Both of these breeds tend to react with certain aggressive behavior towards unknown dogs and this is very important to remember in order to avoid any possible problems.

British bulldogs enjoy more to spend time in the house and they do not require lots of space, while American breeds tend to spend more time outside and they need more exercises daily. The lifespan of American bulldogs is longer.

After carefully reading all the characteristics, it won’t be much trouble to choose. Both breeds look wonderful and are very useful, but make a wise choice. Not only you will be happy, but the dog will be grateful. Buying a dog that wants to be outside while you enjoy watching movies can be a real torture for both.

Supplements, Foods and Fitness Course

Many guys are still confused if supplements for fitness, foods and workout enhancement formulated for humans can go well for their bulldogs, or not?

Even I have witnessed many funny times Bulldog owners desire their lovely pets develop more muscular body and unnatural beastly power. Then, the question I often asked them: Aren’t your dog already naturally endowed with these traits by nature?

If you ask me it is not necessary to give these fantastic pets unnatural stuff, even the safest and legal muscle mass and bigger size supplements may not be necessary at all.

You should toy same pedigree with your Bulldog’s foods and fitness routine. Nothing unnatural that may harm these awesome little beasts.…